First outing

Few days ago, I went on my first outing (an informal dinner) with my meetup group. I got some perspective. And that is that for 2 years that group has been a focal point of socializing (ha, I almost put in socialism). But it is only one tool. My priorities have shifted. it was becoming the main meal, while my other concerns, such as moving ahead in career & spirituality have emerged as to be of greater value to me, and my role as a parent as well.
So, I saw things differently at this dinner, and enjoyed new company, saw some familiar faces, and afterwards spoke to a mentor-friend.
She asked if I and C. had come to an agreement as to how we were going to handle events. I was a little surprised that this was taken as a concern, but I just calmly said that I would rather never having to see her again if at all possible, but if there was an event I really wanted to go to I would go regardless if she was there or not. I also elaborated that it is very hard to go from bonding so close with a friend, someone you speak to everyday then to being completely cut off, but I can’t ever trust her again, not for that complete breach of trust. But I also that inevitably if I stay with the group, I am going to run into her at some point. Right now though, I’d prefer to steer clear. Plus there will be plenty of opportunities to join other groups and meet new people there as well.
I still have very strong feelings about this, and I want to calm down and take on new projects before I choose to be in the same room with her. I don’t think I could stand the fakeness.


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