Even better

A few days ago, I had a visit with my therapist. Recently, I’ve been feeling that things have taken a turn for the dark with her. Little things. She just has been more critical, and then she said that I’m not making progress and she’s failing me. What?! I have made progress. I came from a desperate painful place, where I couldn’t even bear to go very long without getting male attention to now loving my own company and being more than able to go without a flighting attachment with a guy. Sure, I have a crush on my massage therapist, but why does that set her off? I haven’t acted out in any unethical way…so why?

I’ve taken some time and realized that I don’t need to justify myself to anyone. In fact, I am so exhausted mentally with trudging myself down to some office constantly talking about my problems. Enough. Its my life and I’m actually doing well. Yes, I have issues to face, who doesn’t? I don’t need to feel like I’m fucking up every week or justify my behavior.
I’m in charge. Everyone has their own little opinions, but its mine that takes the lead. Enough. I need space, but I’m done with her. And it feels so good.


About downszdiva

Freelance writer, blogger, foodie. Ph ilosopher, Jersey girl (not to be confused with the 'shore'). Pet sitter, lover of strong coffee.
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