Occupying Wall Street

My take on the occupy movement is simple. What is your point? I’m fed up too, but when I marched on Washington in 1989 in protest of Bush’s threat to pro-choice, we had a permit and at the end of the day we left.
What I’ve seen is a movement that turned into an unorganized herd mentality, threatening, defacing, and defecating around businesses, demanding that Zuccotti Park, a privately-owned space is theirs, refusing to leave, threatening and now on the anniversary of their 2 month occupation, clogging subways, bridges, and blocking access to the financial sector. Oh, and in addition to their chants about rights and police brutality, 7 cops were injured, one stabbed in the hand requiring 20 stitches.
So again, what is your point? At the end of the day, you’re not changing anything, so stop patting yourself on the back for standing up to what you perceive as Corporate America.
I get it, you’re pissed and there is a lot to be angry about. The Tea Party at least has the presence of mind to vote politicians into office. Represent!


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