Just frustrated

I’m experiencing one of those plateaus, the kind where you just are stuck in a tar pit and no matter how you struggle, the direction you take leads you right back where you were before.
The people at the dog rescue I belonged to pretty much turned out to be a bunch of embezzling liars, my friend reported them and magically they “reorganized”.
Then there are the ones who know about the incident last year. One stood up for me when I was bashed and blamed, and the other remained her confidante and friend. I just feel totally stabbed in the back. Trust is not something I give out easily anymore. I haven’t let them steal my smile, but I feel like I’ve lost a social group. And it hurts like hell.


About downszdiva

Freelance writer, blogger, foodie. Ph ilosopher, Jersey girl (not to be confused with the 'shore'). Pet sitter, lover of strong coffee.
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