Let the underminers in

And let the Hunger Games begin. Not the movie, but the weight loss challenges. I’ve already experienced some strong body backlashes, and have fended them off with imbibing vinegar and veggies.
Sunday, I had a Blimpie salad with just veggies and vin, a little oil. That filled me up. There is an adjustment to be experienced, and so I am not surprised at my hunger pangs.
Two good things to emerge from this are my awareness of how much I’ve eaten in the past and how good I feel when I do not. The sluggishness of overeating is gone.
But, I’ve noticed the underminers at work. I announced my weight loss intentions last night at a neighbor’s, and my daughter was sent home with a box of candy for me.
I went out with a co-worker who kept insisting I try some of her calorie-heavy appetizers.
One change I do like is the skinny version of drinks. They have less alcohol so I get a lesser buzz. Winning in 2 ways.
I overheard the Joan Hamburg show in which a NYTimes piece was being discussed. “The Fat Trap”, by Tara Parker-Pope poses that our bodies won’t allow us to maintain thinner bodies without “doing at least an hour of exercise a day.” That’s a lie. When I lost over 40 pounds years ago, I never had to exercise an hour a day to maintain it. Sure, I did workout, but she makes these ludicrous claims to make the heavy at heart feel vindicated, when all it is is an excuse. She also said on JH that Weight Watchers was doing it’s members a disservice by saying “Believe”. She claims that willpower isn’t a cure-all. Doesn’t she know about the myriad tools that can be used by its members? They’ve been there and know what it takes to lose and keep it off. See, undermining.
I’m not necessarily doing this to get a better figure but to avoid diabetes and heart problems. But to accomplish this, I have to rise above the noise. And be aware that however subtly, there will always be those out there willing to knock you down a peg for your positive efforts.


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