In the pool

I hate the awkwardness of dating. Mostly what I dislike are the stupid rules built around this convention. If I get told one more time not to chase a guy/pursue/ask, well I’m just going to ignore that.

It doesn’t apply to the situation of late anyway, but its worth mentioning anyway because I can’t stand the conventionality of rules/dating.

I used to go to a chain massage place near me and met a massage therapist I liked. S. and I were friendly, but the last time we saw each other I told him I was leaving the place and does he do work in the side? Heh, I was actually in like with him and just wanted to get to know him in a less “professional” environment. Well, he handed me off his number and we were chatting. Last week, he asked me out.

The date went nicely, I figured he was a vegan, with the part of India he was from, so I set us up at a local vegeterian restaurant. He loved it. I got the bill, breaking a long tradition of reaching into my purse for a lipstick while the guy paid.

Seems when I arrived at his place, his roommate was abruptly moving out. I didn’t know what to think of that, but I sensed his apprehension about heading out. He gave me a massage and we went out. All seemed to he going well, but at the end of the night, he wouldn’t kiss me. Pound the alarm .

He turned his head and pointed to his cheek. “Next time,” he said. And since then I have not heard from him. I wanted to text ‘hey, what’s up with the silence?’ But that’s a clingy insecure thing to do, and I’m sure if would only make me look stupid.

Besides, I did break down and text : days after, ‘cold tonight keep warm’. And again, chilling silence.

It’s my first first into dating since I took a sabbatical to regain my footing. I’m just disappointed because I really liked this guy, and he was a rare find, meaning that most of my experiences have been with online dating.

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