Positive evidence diary

I am using an app and it is helping me with my depression. One of the things it asked me to do was to create a list of positive things that I am doing throughout the day. I am surprised not only at how little work this was but also how much progress it makes me realize I have made. I bested my personal time with regard to the amount of steps I do a day from barely making 8502 making over 16,000.
Along the way I have noticed, that when doing new things to make way with depression, it seems like the smallest task can feel so overwhelming.  Which is why I am glad that this app has allowed me to take stock of my activities over time and that is gradually asked me to increase activities.  Recently, I have become aware of my fear of social interactions with new people in a big group. I normally I’m very outgoing with people, but when I am in larger group I experience anxiety, and also when attending new events, I feel afraid and a bit claustrophobic.
It’s taking me time to realize that I’m very comfortable with my normal pattern. In fact, when I watch the movie Her, it made me aware of how similar I am to the main character. In that regard, I am often stuck with my  comfortable ways, and don’t want to come out of those. It takes awhile for me to make a new change.  What I tend to do is awfulize it and project fears of what the new changes are going to entail, and I remain stuck in a holding pattern of fear.  So, I am glad that I’ve broken through a wall, and then moving forward this will continue.


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