Olive branch disconnect

So, last evening, I met up with *Cris (a lot of backstory in my last post). I ended to drop something business-related at her place. We talked, I mentioned my surprise at her unfriending me on Facebook, and wanted to talk about it.

It wasn’t a long convo, but one thing came to light: she is unrepentant about kicking my kid and I out. She will not acknowledge her role in this, just that they were justified no matter what, even though it greatly inconvenienced me, and they wouldn’t allow my child to finish out the year where we were.

She felt that I pulled away, that I wasn’t there for her during her bout of a serious illness (don’t want to mention it here), and she is tone deaf when I suggest that her text rages had an impact on my mental health.

She’s otherwise wanting to know where we stood.

It’s hard for me to trust someone who refuses to admit their role in something as serious as this. I can still move forward with a relationship as long as I am in it mostly for the business end of things, and it makes me feel like I am not being true to myself. Weak.

Once someone shows you who they are, believe them. I am. And I need to move away from this. My kid is adamant I cut ties, but it is not that simple when you also are involved in a business arrangement.

One thing I am doing is protecting myself by not oversharing. I know how she has twisted details about me against me. I wish I was more financially independent that I didn’t need to be with this, I am considering that move in the next few years.

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