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Freelance writer, blogger, foodie. Ph ilosopher, Jersey girl (not to be confused with the 'shore'). Pet sitter, lover of strong coffee.

A reduction 

So, we just recently went through a layoff. It happened so fast, cold. It was one woman who is here for over 35 years, another one who is here about 30, and they were both told to leave without taking … Continue reading

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13 Reasons Why?

Then I got distracted. My sister died suddenly, unexpectedly. My mother also died pretty quickly. So, you can probably guess why I didn’t want to finish this book & why I’ve made a half hearted effort to read it.  I … Continue reading

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Orphaned Adult

It happened a little over two weeks ago. My mother, after a complicated recovery from heart surgery, passed away suddenly in a nursing home, after just being there for several days.  She went into the hospital while I was on vacation … Continue reading

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Success and then some 

My first weigh-in & I’m down 4.2. Rawr!! I was super nervous about a party I was going to, in fact I was going to not go, but I decided that if I’m really serious about this life change I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my longest journey

Over the years, I’ve been on many diets and eating plans. The Grapefruit Diet, Nutrisystem, The Zone, South Beach, Slim Fast, and supplements, gimmicks galore.  In the past few years, i’ve turned to weight watchers. Wow that plan has worked … Continue reading

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Well today I almost lost it in the store when I got hungry. I wanted something sweet, a dessert. But I grabbed a Tofutti and went home.  I became flummoxed when I needed a hair spray. Where the hell do … Continue reading

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Going clean 4 days in

Yesterday, in addition to the weakness I’ve felt, I had a migraine (aura) late in the day. My brother has advised me to get Gatorade zero because I need to boost my electrolytes. I feel so good, but also weird. … Continue reading

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