How I ran on the tarmac

Saturday morning was hard in many ways. I watched tv early before leaving for the race and found out that Alex Sullivan, who had been at the Aurora midnight screening of Batman, had indeed died. I was struck by how desperate his family searched for him, I wanted to believe he would be found (much like my late cousin in 9-11), and the tears just flowed.
As I laced up and prepared for the race, I ate a bagel and almond butter, a banana and some water. The familiar fears struck. I found a pic recently of a guy running the LA marathon who had an episode of incontinence. But there are as many reasons to psych yourself up as there are to freak out, and I choose to shove the negativity to the background.
My brother joined me this time, and we started out. The number I was issued was the best: 666. I kid you not. It made for some good laughs.
You know how when someone yawns everyone does it? Well, it’s the same for the pre-race potties. I didn’t feel like going, and then I did. No accidents.
As we lined up, I saw members of the press lined up, but most of all, I saw people. And how narrow the “corral” was. A loud bullhorn signaled us to go, and off we went.
The feeling of running on an actual runway is surreal, like out of a dream. I ran. I walked. Rinse and repeat. I bested my time by 8 minutes.
There’s another one in September, and I’m still using the couch to 5k program. I’m long since left the couch behind, mind you. 26 pounds down.


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  1. Congratulations on coming so far! Good luck on your next run!

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