13 Reasons Why?

Then I got distracted. My sister died suddenly, unexpectedly. My mother also died pretty quickly. So, you can probably guess why I didn’t want to finish this book & why I’ve made a half hearted effort to read it. 

I did watch a few episodes of the series, however, even the finale. I was struck by how sensitively and jarringly accurate they portrayed the effects of suicide ( and a rape survivor’s reporting of what happened to her). 

I was shocked by how her hs counselor failed her. He asked the typical bs questions many of us face when reporting: did you fight back, did you say no, blah fucking ignorance blah. That only serves to put up a further wall of shame between the survivor and the person questioning her. 

Even though I didn’t finish the show, I did get the gist of what was happening to the characters. 

Only once, did I experienced someone that I knew who committed suicide. She jumped off a parking garage in 1999, and was unidentified for quite a while. 

I think this is one of the best shows of this ever covered so many topics want to comes to teens. It’s ironic that my own daughter does not have any interest in seeing this. But I suspect that comes from the losses that both of us have experienced lately. My worry is she also identifies with the main character, Hannah. 

I think the experts that are crying for caution and not to watch the show have their heads in the sand. This is about teens, this is not about you. I wish when I was a teen back in the 80s that I had had something like this to rely on. Because regardless of if our frontal lobe’s haven’t fully developed yet, as the show trying to portray, we all need to feel that we’re not alone. That is what I wanted most of all. 

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  1. Great blog my friend 🙂

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